Cacak – A Historically Rich Town

Serbia can be felt in every pore, every brick and every tree of Cacak. It is a small town on the river Morava, enclosed by the mountains of Jelica, Vujan, Ovcar and Kablar. In historical and geographical sense, a lot can be seen in this town. Cacak was built on remains of a former Roman settlement. This fact was verified by many findings such as Roman hot baths, monuments to Jupiter, and numerous “villae rusticae”, that is agricultural estates of the Roman Empire. Nearby, on the Jelica Mountain, there is a huge archaeological site, named Gradina, which is yet to reveal its hidden secrets.

As far as “newer history” is concerned, a protected natural attraction, packed with monasteries and churches and known as the Ovcar-Kablar canyon, lies near Cacak, making it the holy ground of Serbia. A neighboring town of Dragacevo, is placed nearby as well, and it is the venue of the famous Guca festival. Each year, the festival is visited by over half a million people.

Cultural and Historic Sights

The National museum, The Jovana Obrenovic residence (1835), The ”Nadezda Petrovic” art gallery, The Town library, Roman hot baths (4th century), A unique monument dedicated to the soldiers of the First World War (1934), The Tanasko Rajic monument, A monument dedicated to participants of the Hadzi-Prodan rebellion, The duke Stepa Stepanovic monument. There are also the monasteries of Ovcar and Kablar such as: St. John’s Monastery (1536), St. Nicholas Monastery (14th century), The Vujan Monastery, The Holy Trinity Monastery (16th century), St. Sava’s church (1938).


The Vladislav Petkovic Dis Spring (May), The Assembly of Serbia’s pipers ”Oj Moravo” (July), The Nadezda Petrovic memorial (Autumn), The ”Cacak” art colony (Summer), The ”Serbian holy mountain” festival in the Ovcar spa (July).

Cacak Surroundings

It may as well be concluded that a town like Cacak, surrounded by such dazzling slopes of Jelica, Vujan, Ovcar and Kablar, has a surplus of natural attractions. When speaking about the Ovcar-Kablar canyon, its monasteries are of exceptional beauty, and sights that shouldn’t be missed! Of course, there is the “Grujine livade” picnic site, situated on the Jelica Mountain, and unavoidable healing waters of Ovcar, Slatina and Gornja Trepca spas. The latter being famous for its mineral water, thus often referred to as the ”Atomic spa”.

Discover Cacak – a historically rich town!