Borac – A Village of Medieval Times

Borac is right in the middle of Gruza, 14 kilometers away from the municipality of Knic. Historically speaking, it is one of the most interesting destinations of central Serbia. The dominating stone formation of Borac is where remains of a medieval fortification can be found. The fort is formerly known as the town of Borac.

Indeed, Borac was once a town, whose groundwork was built by Byzantine kings, and finished by the Nemanjic dynasty. The town was first mentioned in 1219, and reached its golden times during the reign of emperor Lazar and despot Djuradj Brankovic. At the time, Borac had 4.000 inhabitants, a lot more than London had during the same period.

At the grass root level of the stone formation, there is a church, built in 1350. The church is surrounded by dangerous cliffs and can be approached only from one side. Within the village, there is a graveyard dating from the 17th century, and many old Serbian houses dating from the 19th and the beginning of 20th century.

Today, these charming little houses serve the needs of countryside tourism. Tourist offer of Borac includes dishes of Serbian traditional cuisine, and of course raspberries. The hospitable natives of Borac discovered very original ways to consume this delicious fruit. Except for the all natural food products, they use raspberries during massage treatments. Also, guests can relax in wooden bath tubs, once used for wine production. In other words, Borac offers a complete “Raspberry therapy”.

A special feature of the area is the river of Borac, whose clear waters eventually end up in the lake of Gruza. The river stirred the imagination of many artists and poets. Each September, an art colony happens in Borac. February is reserved for hunters and their fox hunting quest, the biggest of that kind in Serbia.

Both Gruza and the village of Borac are in all directions encircled by mountains. This provides perfect protection from strong winds or extreme heat, thus, the area is ideal for vacations and leisure activities. The lake of Gruza is filled with fish, and its hunting grounds are swarming with all sorts of wild game. Following the pathway near the church, one will reach a resort. The resort is a starting point for all those who want to climb up the hill of Borac and see its medieval town.