Belgrade – City of Good Vibrations

Belgrade is truly a metropolis. The position it has held through centuries, while standing on the crossroads of different cultures and customs, made it dinamic, hospitable and warm.

Wide boulevards and big smiles on faces of the young is what Belgrade is all about. It is its energy that will make you feel at ease and right at home.

The most famous locations in Belgrade are Knez Mihajlova and Strahinjica bana street, the Kalemegdan fortress and the bohemian quarter Skadarlija with its 19th century atmosphere.

In recent years Belgrade was given the name “the Sin city” because of a great number of theaters, museums, galleries, hotels, cafés, clubs offering fantastic fun and filled with incredibly beautiful girls. Belgrade is also well-known for excellent traditional restaurants, among which, the oldest and the most famous are legendary restaurants “Tri sesira”, “Ima dana” and “Dva jelena”, where guests can enjoy the famous music from Skadarlija.

After sunset, Belgrade night life transforms Belgrade into one of the most exciting cities in this part of Europe. Even the most picky visitors will be satisfied with its club scene and will find clubs scattered around the city center but also on water where very popular river rafts can be found.

Belgrade also has its own sea, the Belgrade sea as its citizens call it or Ada Ciganlija, a river peninsula on the river Sava with a huge beach making it an ideal place for sport and recreation. In 1821, Prince Milos Obrenovic declared it state and national property, whilst a famous writer Branislav Nusic, for its beauty, named it “a water flower”. In summer, Ada hosts many cultural events.

Cultural and Historic Sights

St. Sava temple, the Kalemegdan fortress, the winner, St. Marko church, the old court, Knez Milos’s konak, Kneginja Ljubica’s konak, Captain Misa’s building, the National museum, the National theater, the Palace “Albanija”, the Parliament of Serbia, the Wite court, café “?”.


FEST – International Film Festival, BELEF – International Art Festival, BITEF – International Theater Festival, BEMUS – International Music Festival, October Exhibition – Visual Art Manifestation, Belgrade Book Fair, Belgrade Beer Fest – Beer Festival, Belgrade Jazz Festival, New Year’s Eve annual Celebration, Belgrade Boat Carnival, Museum Night, Belgrade Marathon, Belgrade Days, Belgrade Fashion Week.

Belgrade Surroundings

Big War Island – Situated at the very confluence of the Sava into the Danube. Nowadays, it is home to many nature admirers but also to rare bird species, which makes it quite an attractive spot for bird watching. On the top end of this island, the favourite Zemun beach Lido can be found.

Kosutnjak – Park – Abundant in trees and the favourite picnic site of Belgrade citizens which lies at 250 m above sea level, filled with deciduous and conifer woods. It is believed that it got its name (“kosuta” – doe) for many does that once lived here. There are two complexes in Kosutnjak, a sports-recreational center “Pionirski grad” and Film town with a film studio complex.

Discover Belgrade – the city of good vibrations!