About Us

We are travel guide through Serbia created by the desire to travel and learn more. Also we would like to encourage foreign tourists to discover charms of Serbia and domestic visitors to rediscover their beautiful homeland.

We will introduce you to a country of irresistible natural beauty and its warm-hearted people full of life energy and emotions. Together, we will discover cultural, social and historic values of Serbian people which all together put a special mark on European cultural heritage. We’ll visit the most beautiful destinations in Serbia that are easy and quick to reach by car, coach, train, boat, plain or balloon.

Apart from traditionally most visited tourist destinations, we will reveal to you regions and places of huge tourist potential, promote the best hotels and restaurants and offer many other useful information because we want, both us and you to enjoy Serbia.

Join us. There are so many nice places to visit and good people to meet! Discover the charms of Serbia!


Our mission is to promote Serbia as an attractive travel destination, and to encourage tourists from all around the world to visit Serbia all year round, through presentation and promotion of all the best destinations, hotels and restaurants.


  • Branding Serbia as a travel destination. Having tourism in Serbia 365 days yearly.
  • Encouraging the consciousness of local people about the importance of national tourism.
  • Creating partnerships with communities, institutions and individuals.
  • Presenting communities and offering marketing support to communities.
  • Initiating of inter-community and international cooperation.
  • Putting emphasis on children and youth education as well as developing positive relation towards their country.
  • Rising the level of consciousness about ecology, environment protection and preservation.
  • Cooperating with all media and working on activities to promote Serbia.
  • Achieving greater flux of foreign and national guests as well as faster development of the tourism.


Our vision is to discover, together with travelers, all natural, historical, cultural and social treasures of Serbia. In forthcoming years we would like to score better results in the domain of tourism and to keep our guests attached to Serbia by maintaining good quality.

We would like to open the gates of Serbia to all those who wish to enjoy its treasures.