About Serbian photography

Short history of photography in Serbia and the first photographers

Inventor Loui Dager had a disciple of dagerotipia, the first photographic technique in Paris, called Dimitrije Novakovic. This Serbian merchant bought a camera and made the first photos of Belgrade in 1840. which made him the first Serbian photographer.
There are also a painter Anastas Jovanovic, the first Serbian litographer and one of the biggest photographers in Serbian history of photography, as well as Djordje - Djura Knezevic who opened the first studio in Novi Sad and had studios in 32 towns.
Famous painters Nadezda Petrovic and Paja Jovanovic were photographers during First World War, while the most important from that period was a New York Herald reporter in Paris, Rista Marjanovic.

Great names of contemporary Serbian photography

Dragan Bosnic, Dragoljub Zamurovic, Branislav Strugar, Martin Candir and many others.

Photographer promotion and contests

Our great desire is to promote our best photographers and their work so that visitors can enjoy their photographs.
We will also promote young and perspective photographers while others will get a chance to stand out through many contests that we are going to organize on our portal.