Serbian cuisine

The best way to learn about natives of a country is through their national cuisine.

Serbian cuisineIn villages, the kitchen is often referred to as “home” and only in towns and cities as “kitchen”. The hearth, the central part of any house, was considered a cult place around which people used to sleep, make bread and meals and around which family members gathered in the evenings telling stories, legends and learning about housework skills.

When at the table, people used to sit on benches and chairs. The pots used for preparing and serving meals were made of clay or wood. Some wealthier households had copper pottery, but it was kept for special occasions.
In villages, bread was made of wheat or corn flour exclusively on hearth. Every festive meal was accompanied by indispensable kolo (a kind of national dance) and flute music.

Historical events have greatly influenced Serbian cuisine, so every region has its own specific and distinctive characteristics.
Look famouse recipes in serbian cousine.

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