Guca 2013 Music festival 5-11 August

Guca music festival - Biggest brass festival in the world.

51 th Guca music festival - Biggest brass festival in the world 8 - 14 August 2011.

Welcome to the celebration of the trumpet!

Guca Festival is a celebration of brass band music. Authentic Serbian noisy atmosphere at the world’s greatest festival dedicated to the Trumpet.

 About the festival

The festival is a genuine demonstration of Serbia's tradition.  The popularity of this world class festival has been increasing over the years. The festival includes cultural and art programs, self-taught artists, ethnological and historical exhibitions, and sports competitions in traditional disciplines. Guca festival is the biggest international trumpet competition. About 100 orchestras go through pre-selection, and only 40 best seniors, youth and pioneer orchestras take part in the finals. There were only 4 trumpet orchestras from Dragacevo attending the initial Guca Festival, the rest is history...

Venue: Dragacevo, Serbia;  Number of visitors: 600,000


Weddings in an amazing festive atmosphere.
Delicious specialties of Serbian cuisine, such as proja (a type of corn bread), cheese, kajmak (a dairy dish), svadbarski kupus (a cabbage dish), barbecue, or slivovitz (plum brandy). Old and new friends are all welcome to taste the food in festival booths and even in homes of Dragacevo natives, after all, it is their greatest festivity.

Don`t miss this once in a life time experience!

Famous orchestras that have performed at the festival:

Boban and Marko Markovic Orchestras, Feat Sejdic Orchestra, Nenad Mladenovic Orchestra

Celebrities about the festival:

Miles Davies, the famous trumpeter: “I haven’t even realized that it is possible to play the trumpet that way.”