Top destinations: Belgrade, Novi Sad, villages and ethno villages, spas, salas estates, monasteries, fortresses and castles, archaeological sites, natural attractions, ski centers, mountains, nature reserves, rivers and lakes,..

In terms of eye-catching destinations, Serbia is a wealthy country. The only question is when to travel and which destination to pick. Let this section help you find a perfect one.

We recommend

Fortresses and castlesFortresses and castles

Fortresses of Petrovaradin, Smederevo, Golubac, Bac and Fantast castle...

Nature reservesNature reserves

See Serbia's nature at its best. Zasavica, Carska bara, Obedska bara...

ZOO parksZOO parks

Visit ZOO parks in Belgrade and Palic

Archaeological sitesArchaeological sites

Unfold the mystery of Sirmium, Gamzigrad, Viminacium, Mediana...


Regions of Serbia. Vojvodina, Sumadija, Western and Eastern Serbia, South-east Serbia, Southern Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija...

Ski centersSki centers

Ski centers of Serbia Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Divcibare, Stara planina, Goc

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