Palic Zoo

Palic Zoo SerbiaPalic Zoo is located in the very centre of Palic settlement. It is only 6 kilometers away from Subotica and 5 kilometers away from the E75 highway, which connects Budapest and Belgrade.

It was established in 1949, and today encompasses an area of 10 ha. The Zoo's mission is education of people and conservation of nature, animals and plants.

The park's architecture was composed to suit the needs of animals and of course visitors, who have space for rest and leisure at their disposal.

There are more than 270 tree and bush species in the park, many of them belonging to rare and exotic groups, such as the Lebanese cedar, the giant sequoia or the larch. The collection of domestic species includes the centennial oak trees. The northern side is covered with evergreen trees, while the south side hosts deciduous plants. Several areas within the park are actually small forests. The whole space is decorated with flowers, lakes and fountains.

The park features more than 60 animal species. It provides a home for numerous birds, monkeys, large mammals, and even snakes and tarantulas.

Kids may enjoy a playground and a special zoo, designed to acquaint our babies with their animal peers. While the kids are petting baby animals, the parents may rest on numerous benches or sip coffee in the zoo's bar or restaurant. The park also exhibits informative charts but also warnings with instructions on how to behave properly in a zoo.

The zoo draws around 160.000 people annually.

Its gates open each day at 9 am and close at sunset.

Palic Zoo

4 Krfska street, Palic

Contact number: +381 24 753 075  

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