Top destinations: Belgrade, Novi Sad, villages and ethno villages, spas, salas estates, monasteries, fortresses and castles, archaeological sites, natural attractions, ski centers, mountains, nature reserves, rivers and lakes,..

In terms of eye-catching destinations, Serbia is a wealthy country. The only question is when to travel and which destination to pick. Let this section help you find a perfect one.

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In its own way, each Serbian city is exciting and interesting. Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica, Nis...


Mountains of Serbia are its lungs. Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Tara, Divcibare...


Sources of health in Serbia. Vrnjacka spa, Soko, Prolom, Niska spa...

Ethno villagesEthno villages

Authentic jewels of Serbian rural areas. Ethno villages of Serbia Drvengrad, Sirogojno, Gostoljublje, Latkovac, Tiganjica

Salas estatesSalas estates

Vojvodina's salas estates are true oases of peace and quiet, domestic food and wine. Perkov, 137, 84, Majkin, Capriolo,.

Lakes in SerbiaLakes in Serbia

Most famouse lakes in Serbia are Silver, Palic, Ludasko, Vlasinsko and lakes in Bela crkva.


Visit other beautiful urban settlements scattered across Serbia. Sremski Karlovci, Apatin, Cacak, Pirot...


The most beautiful villages of Serbia. Kostunici, Rudnik, Savinac, Brus, Gostilje, Medjurecje...

Natural attractionsNatural attractions

Serbia has plenty of natural attractions, depicted in its mountains, lakes, rivers...


Serbian monasteries are time-resisting keepers of Serbian history. Studenica, Zica, Sopocani...

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