Why visit Serbia?

It is quite easy to answer this question:Serbia is one of the most interesting new destinations.It is situated in the very heart of Europe and has so much to show and offer. There are still many new places to discover for those who have already seen part of it.

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Festivals, Concerts, Sports events, Fairs and Other events. Events in Serbia are true experience, the best and the biggest are festivals EXIT, GUCA, BEER FEST and Serbia Open.


In its own way, each Serbian city is exciting and interesting. Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica, Nis...

Festivals in SerbiaFestivals in Serbia

GUCA best trumpet festival in the world and the best EXIT music festival in Europe, Belgrade Beer Fest Beer music festival with a almost milion people, Pancevo Carnival ...

Natural attractionsNatural attractions

Serbia has plenty of natural attractions, depicted in its mountains, lakes, rivers...

Ethno villagesEthno villages

Authentic jewels of Serbian rural areas. Ethno villages of Serbia Drvengrad, Sirogojno, Gostoljublje, Latkovac, Tiganjica


Serbian monasteries are time-resisting keepers of Serbian history. Studenica, Zica, Sopocani...


The most beautiful villages of Serbia. Kostunici, Rudnik, Savinac, Brus, Gostilje, Medjurecje...