Miroslav’s Gospel

Miroslav’s Gospel – XII century


Miroslav’s Gospel ciriliyc world heritage

World cultural heritage

Miroslav’s Gospel, being the most valuable monument of serbian culture, is considered the most beautiful manuscript in cyrillic alphabet in the world. As the most important Serbian and south slavic cyrillic document from 12th century it is part of UNESCO - "World cultural heritage".

Miroslav’s Gospel, the oldest serbian manuscript, was written  on “fine white” parchment  for  prince Miroslav, Great ruler Stefan Nemanja’s brother, between 1180. and 1191. by two pupils, Gligory and Varsameleon. The manuscript had been guarded in monastery Hilandar until 1896. when it was given as a gift to king Aleksandar Obrenovic during his visit to Holy mount Athos.

Today it can be seen in National Museum in Belgrade. The Gospel has been in posession of the dynasties Nemanjic, Obrenovic and Karadjordjevic. However, it was in posession of the monks of Hilandar monastery the longest.

Miroslav’s Gospel explains the origin of cyrillic script and its glagolitic influence. This text is unique because it unites the Eastern style of writing with the Western way of ornamenting in extravagant 296 ornaments.

There has been constant scientific interest in this manuscript.

Gligory the Pupil wrote on the last page:

“I, sinful pupil Gligory, unworthy to call myself a pupil, have ornamented with gold this Gospel to the glorious prince Miroslav, Zavida's son. My lord, do not forget me, do not forget about my sinful soul, but keep me to your side so I do not regret my Lord that I had worked for you if your will is to reject me…”