Music in Serbia

Music in Serbia have very important role in life of Serbian people

We recommend

Boban MarkovicBoban Markovic

Boban Markovic Orchestra has been the leading brass band Serbia over the last 20 years. They have won several of the most important prizes ("Golden Trumpet", "First Trumpet" and "The Best Orchestra") at the "Brass bands festival in Guca.

Dusko GojkovicDusko Gojkovic

Dusko Gojkovic is one of the world giant of jazz as extraordinary jazz player, a composer, soloist and an orchestra leader. He has played in his rich career with renowned world jazz artists such as Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Jerry Mulligan, Sonny Rollins, Ted Jones…

Saban Bajramovic Saban Bajramovic

The king of the gypsy world music Saban Bajramovic is the most prolific and the most celebrated Roma singer, composer and poet in the Balkans.

Boris KovacBoris Kovac

Boris Kovac, a composer from Novi Sad is one of the most important music artists of World Music. Ambassador of Vojvodina and Serbia in whole world.

Rambo Amadeus Rambo Amadeus

Rambo Amadeus is one of the most prominent cult figures on the ex-Yugoslav music scene.


KAL world music. Band Kal fusion of balkan gypsy tradition and future.


Panonian blues