Advertising activities of your company make your brand more valuable and profitable.

Promotion for the whole world  365 days of year

Target group, that is our potential travellers are people between 16 and 50 years of age from urban areas. Younger, cultured population with medium or high income.


  1. Promotion of accommodation capacities by providing access to general information accompanied by picture gallery on the  “Accommodation” section.   
  2. Home pages  “Recommendations” and “Outstanding” offer you a pefect way to present comparative values of your destination, object or service that is to be used by tourists.
  3. Home page “Top destinations” offers possibility to recommend accomodation or a travel agent.


In-site Banners that lead to your PR text within the site and external banners linked directly to your own web presentation

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Advantages of internet advertising in comparison to other media:

  1. Buyers much more attentive.
  2. Individual approach to buyers. Communication 1 : 1.
  3. Buyers approach a product or a service with more attention.
  4. Strong psychological impact on visitors.
  5. Lower costs for your company in comparison to other media.


1.4 billion of internet users in the world. 380 million of internet users in Europe.

Internet users in Serbia

Presently, there are over 2 million of internet users or over 25% of population. Every six months the above number is increased by additional 70.000 users. Users are company employees, university students and pupils. In general, an educated, urban population with medium or high income.

Advertising on the internet

“Not one single company in the world has started a communication and propotion campaign without the use of internet. Internet advertising will take more than 10% of the total this year advertising in many countries of the world”
Resource: Reuters

With SERBIATOURISTGUIDE.COM as your media partner, Internet can be your new mean of communication and sales!


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